… The future of technology…

You ever see a movie set in a futuristic setting, and see how awesome technology is? You see those holograms and how fluidly they react to human contact? Have you ever noticed how these things never malfunction? You never think of the future and imagine people still getting viruses and blue screens of death.

It’s always bothered me, especially since technology has become increasingly unstable. Technology eventually becomes obsolete for a reason, because there’s something better out there, and there’s competition. Apple Inc. purposefully designs all of their products so that you need to replace it after two or three years. This creates competition in the economy and ultimately drives us to create better and new products.

And this is where I get to my point.

Remember the space race? I wasn’t alive at this point in time, but this is a great example. You know OF it right? I would hope so. But at this point in time people were so incredibly driven by competition, and hope. This is what we need today. This is what we have none of. Motivation. We live in a society driven by little plastic objects that we stare at a lot. I am no exception, I wrote most of this on my phone. My phone. Look how far we’ve come with technology. We take all this for granted too, we expect new technologies, and for the current to keep improving and expanding. This society is locked within its current era, and it’s going nowhere fast.

What we need is something new, but we need to be motivated to achieve this. We need a global goal for our future to improve itself. What we need is the motivation and commitment we had in the space race, we need to strive for something, not for the better of ourselves, but for the better of the future. Something not only to be achieved by one nation, but by the planet as a whole. Something… amazing. Something… useful. Something… innovative. Something like… Instant bacon.